Medical sheepskin – is a lamb, dressed fur skins without the use of dyes and harmful chemical elements. It is environmentally clean product and has unique useful properties:: Ortopaedic - elastic fibers wool, massaging the skin improves microcirculation of blood in the skin. Absorbent ability - sheepskin well absorbs moisture and constant air circulation helps to remain the body dry. Healing ability - warming properties of the products from the medical sheepskin used for the prevention and treatment of arthritis, problems with the joints and spine. Fur skins and mattresses help to recover after the operation and prevent the appearenceof decubituses at recumbent patients.. Medical sheepskin is hypoallergenic and used in the manufacture of envelopes for infants and children. A child quickly calm and easily falls asleep on the skins and in the products of the fur, since natural composition of the natural coating of the hairs, containing lanolin, eliminates the negative static electricity. The skins is used for both treatment and prevention goals and in domestic violence as decorative element of the interior.